Considerations when Chooseing A Adjustable Desk

There’s no shortage of reasons to consider a Adjustable Table , whether it be to help relieve back and neck pain, boost calorie burn, or enhance focus and productivity

There’s no shortage of reasons to consider a Adjustable Table , whether it be to help relieve back and neck pain, boost calorie burn, or enhance focus and productivity.

But with so many options available, which stand up desk do you choose? To help you get started, we wanted to share our top tips on how to buy a standing desk. If you follow these steps, you “stand” a great chance of getting the perfect model to fit your needs.

Height range. BIFMA suggests an optimal range being 22.6″ to 48.7″ but it will depend upon the height and needs of the individual using the desk. If people are sharing the sit-stand desk then it’s best to find a desk with a large range.

Depth. A 30″ depth is advisable as a minimum but this is taking into consideration that people will want to spread out their work. If that’s not an issue you can look at smaller footprints. Additionally, bear in mind there are often multiple options for the shape of the work surface.

Noise. Is the mechanism loud and disruptive or is it unobtrusive? When sit-stand desks are noisy they are often not utilized for fear of disturbing colleagues.

Ease of movement. There are numerous ways to raise and lower desks, from hand cranks to electric or pneumatic lifts. The latter two being the most quiet, efficient, and easy to use.

Speed. How quickly does it raise/lower. Obviously, the quicker the speed, the more often people will adjust their worksurfaces throughout the day.

Power. Make sure if you choose a height adjustable desk that requires power that you have easy access to electricity.

Leg fatigue. One common complaint from people using sit-stand desks is that they get tired standing. Some strategies include; wearing supportive shoes, adding a riser to support one foot while standing, adding a gel mat and encouraging people to slowly build up their tolerance by incrementally adding to the time they stand.

Weight. Each desk has its own weight restrictions, make sure the desk can handle your equipment.

Functionality: Does the desk provide the functionality it assures? Can it put up tool rails, lighting, or discretion screens? If the responses are favorable, then you should give some thought to that desk. As a sit-stand desk owner, you will obviously be most concerned about how the desk completes the functions it is meant to do.

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